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Prior to 1989, the Society selected families to be featured in the Augusta newspapers during Irish Week. These families selected were: Callahan Familiy, Mulherin Family, Sheehan Family, O'Connor Family, and O'Connell Family.


Past Irish Families of the Year

1989 John P. Regan Family

1990 R. Floyd Gambill, Jr. Family

1991 Jerry Mooney Family

1992 Katherine Kelly Farr Family

1993 Jane Markwalter Eubanks Family

1994 Edward D. Welch Family

1995 John W. Burke Family

1996 G. Worth Andrews, Jr. Family

1997 Fritz M. McCarthy Family

1998 Dr. William Real Family

1999 Warren Lamar Family


2000 Patrick Douglas Family

2001 Philip Kelly Family

2002 Mrs. Joseph A. Armstrong Family

2003 Don Grady Family

2004 Milton Burroughs Family

2005 Ferris Dorr Family

2006 William Herman Family

2007 Dr. David Tribby Family

2008 John Douglas Family

2009 Arline Kelly Family

2010 Joseph E. Kelly Family


2011 Jack Markwalter Family

2012 Bernard Mulherin Family

2013 Bill Bambrick Family

2014 Leland Malchow Family


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